Hello friends! The culmination of 2 years researching digital art, from various angles, resuted in the fabrication of Metajuricaba, which is a ongoing work developed in 4 formats: NFT, application for computer, net-art, and VR. This work explores various themes including digital colonialism, time, digital performance, repetition, and various other themes. Tow of the formats will be on view at the Institute of Contemporary Art (ICA) in Portland, Maine, from May 27th -Jue 17th. A longside 8 other incredible artists, this exhibition is the result of a rigid academic and terminal program at Maine College of Artg & Design.

More about this work you can find here. Stay tuned for more updates! -J

The Saga just started! Hello friends, it is my pleasure to share that my research on NFTs just got published and soon it will be available to be accessed. My projection for this research is a 10 work. The begining of this research was very rocky, but worthy of all the challenges I've faced to put this document together. I'm very thankfull for all the incrediable support from my peers from the 2022 MFA class and Maine COllege of Art & Design. Without them this document would not exist. Also the Meca faculties who challengeded me everyday by pushing me to get a better underdtanding of the challenges of the field.

Stay tuned for what's to come.

Hello friends! This website is slowly being re-designed to accommodate documentation from various works fabricated along the years. Thanks for the patience! Newer works are also filling the pages with this website as I document them. Please feel free to reach out for any inquiry. Love - J