Johab Silva lives and works in the Washington, D.C. metro area since 2008 and he is one of the founding members of Kicker Collective. He owns a graduate degree in Arts in Education from the Corcoran College of Art & Design and a Master of Fine Arts from Maine College of Art & Design. Silva’s ongoing research explores themes of environmental issues, time, chance, and fabrication/consumption/collection of digital media, through lenses of a multidisciplinary practice (NFTs, VR, and performance at this moment). His works have been exhibited nationally and internationally, including The Corcoran Gallery of Art, Transformer Gallery, Miami Art Palace, Santo André Museum of Art, Cody Gallery, Touchstone Gallery, The Wrong Biennale, and Kreeger Museum. Recent exhibition include the Institute of Contemporary Art (ICA), Portland, Maine. His work has been reviewed in The Washington Post, Sculpture Magazine, Cruzeiro do Sul Newspaper, PBS, and many other media venues.


The way humanity is dealing with environmental issues is alarming. Our lack of responsibility and lack of planning for the future of our planet for next generations may have irreversible consequences. What should we do to wisely steward the planet we all have on our hands? And what should we stop doing to our planet for the well-being of all? For this past year I've been fabricating a body of work that includes NFTs, moving images, VR and Net-Art. With these works, I'm aiming to open discourses about our personal responsibility as world citizens now, as we look to the future, and how we can actively and practically help with changes. Hitting on strong contradictions, specially on fabricating NFTs, my aim is also to question how us, culture makers, are ethically finding creative ways to propose tangible solutions to everyone, looking towards to working collaboratively with problem solvers from other research fields.