Reflections from the one man marathon- May 30, 2020

It’s not about keeping up or why we should be keeping up : it’s about keeping going and the reason why we should keep going. That’s the most important thing we should be reflecting upon and thinking about what we do and the reason why specially during this present time. 

"Run, Run, Run," is the culmination of weeks training for a marathon I had scheduled to run while in Brazil on April of this year. As many of you know-or don't know- the training schedule for marathon can be very time consuming. on top of effort and energy consuming.


The process of training wasn't my best for this work, duo many changes were happening around me (pandemic, a baby on way, and adjustments to teach online), but the training was consistent and by 2 months before my trip to Brazil, I had to stop because of these challenges I'd mentioned. It was definitely frustrated. The feelings of waste and loss was real.

With these feeling in mind and after much reflection, I planned to do a one man marathon. My goal was to give justice to my $30 dollars I didn't get back by the Brazilian International's Marathon Institution. I wanted to do justice to my training which was very time consuming: not just for me, but for my family (of 3). And I wanted to challenge myself asking why do I put myself in challenges situation so often. 

Running and marathon is not just about training: it's about focus, it's about dealing with levels of pain, consistence, time consumption, pleasure, and failure. It's about affecting others around you positively and negatively- for the absence of yourself can be a great deal while you are training, but finishing the race can can also be reward to others. Running a marathon is a process with a goal in mind. Not knowing of you will achieve that goal.   



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