27 Hour 

27 Hours is a social practice work created in collaboration with 2 other artists from Washington DC - Lauren Stern and Kayla Beyer. This work is a result of my experience voluntarily working during 9 hours for Lilian (no real name)  4 kids. Lilian is a single mother and an undocumented immigrant, who has been living in the U.S. for over 12 years. Her 4 kids are from 4 different dads, and she and her family live in Fairfax, VA.
During 9 hours broken in 5 days,  she took me to meet people from her community, told me to drive her and her kids to the dentist, made me work at the community center nearby her house helping with document translation for the community, and told me to give her a ride to her job. She also told me to reform her abandoned  apartment bedroom , where I cleaned it, fixed the walls, and painted it.  Some of the "trash" I used to make a art workshop with her kids and the works eventually was added on the new room.  She wanted to rent the room eventually to support her family.
This opportunity to work for Lillian taught me some lessons, and showed me a different prospect about helping others who can't support themselves for different reasons. In this  work I wanted to explore ideas about stewardship practices,  people as objects, sacrifice, stereotype, place, identity, family values, and social issues.