_war zone

War Zone, moving image, archived in Youtube, 108 minutes". Format (mp4), 2020

Today, Saturday, October 8, 2020, starts the 108 days countdown until the next U.S. president officially takes office. For many, this 108 days is a life time, but for many isn't. For many people every thing will be fine, but some, the level of anxiety, uncertanty, and fear of a problematic future is real and close at hand. Nothing will be fine after these 108 days. On top of these uncertainties and damage feelings, and the economic problem our world is facing, covid-19 pandemic added another layer of problems: death, panic, instability. When all these problems can be solved? Who can solve these problems? And how? All these questions come down to time. Time is in your favor or against you. Time is controlling your decisions on many levels. Time if controlling your body, you family, and your friends. Time is controlling your city, state, and country. So time is the creature before you.

"War Zone" is once again an exploration of time, precisely how to use time on my favor. This perfomance took place in in Washington D.C. in front of The White House. Precisely 102 minutes was recorded from 108 minutes goal. There wasn't any plan besides choosing the location and the time to start performing. I adition to these choices, I decided to carry out this question with me: What do I want to do with the material I will collect?

The first materials collected from this performance are these 3 questions asked by 3 people who approached me: one approached me twice: during the performance and after. Another person approached me during the perfomance, and the third person asked multiple question and with who I had a short dialog.

Here follow the first questions in order of receiving:

1# Why are you standing still?" This question was crucial for me to set the tone of this performance. At that location, with the complicated president-who tested covid-19 positive yesterday- with how divided this country is politically, with the hard reality of racial issues, poverty, unemployment, and the list goes on, this question, "Why I'm stating still?" was bucket of cold water on me to keep me awake, and not to put the fire off. That question made me more awake and gave me a clear reason why I was standing still. In the mist of what we are facing, we all should stand still and do not move. We should all stand and do not bow-down.

2# "Do you speak?" This question drove me to question the power of silence, the uncomfortable feeling it brings to those who are around us. As I was there standing still and in silence, I ha da chance to hear, over and over again, war with order. One attacking each other because of political ideology, I heard hatred, I heard disrespect, I heard selfishness, I head lies. I heard what many people want to hear, but I let it go. I know that the things I heard will not drive me to love others around, so again, I let them go.

At some point during the perfomance I began to enjoy the sound my silence and that drove me to be more aware of myself and of the loud and noise world we live. "There are to many voices trying to guide us", I told myself. Silence was crucial. I helped me to focus, to think, and to notice what should be noticed: we humans being taken by waves of opinions without questioning them. Silence is needed.

3# "What is your heritage?" This was the last question and i felt offended by being asked this. Even feeling furious by being asked this question besides being asked what was my name, I gently answered this person: "I'm a citizen of the earth." The man replied to me: "Fair answer." here goes my thoughts about that question and what I was thinking: a. What motivated you to ask my heritage? Does it matter to you? What would you do with my answer/or after I tell you where I'm from? Why are you not interested to know who I am first rather than where I come from? b. When you approach someone, specially me, please ask for my name. Ask who I am. I'm also not happy to tell where I'm from because it would probably you into the temptation of of judging me. Because I'm just a human being like you at the end of the day that's all what matter. Small details about each other's lives will come to light after a true friendship become real.

In conclusion, I maybe will comeback here to write about the sounds form the documentation, but for not, enjoy them for there are so much to discuss them.