It's not about the game, but how to play the game. In 1977 O Rei Pele (Pele The Soccer King) was here in Washington D.C. playing a match against the Washington Diplomats. It's hard for me to believe that such an iconic person, who influenced many generations and will continue influencing, played right in my backyard. Pele was defending the Cosmos team, which was a well known team. The fact is that the Cosmos lost to the WD. Hard thing to believe! 

"Ginga" is the result of thoughts about what playing means, what losing means, what a dream means, what location means, and what to be an immigrant playing in another land means. We all have to know how navigate in life, but for some, navigating isn't enough; they most know how to play while standing in any field. Brazilian kids so often hear that they need to know how to "swing" with a soccer ball and swing well, so that way they can have better changes to score for their teams. Who doesn't know how to swing can't win games. So "saber gingar" (To know how to wing) is the key here. 

The Key


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